Meet Chef Joyce Transue

The well-stocked kitchen includes locally grown fresh herbs & spices, locally processed meats & the freshest fish available. Locally made Fox Family Potato Chips, Benn Hill Farm Fresh Eggs, Spring Break Maple Syrup & countless other locally produced items have made their way onto Joyce's grocery list. Chef Joyce's culinary expertise is glaringly obvious to anyone fortunate enough to assist her in the kitchen. Food critics would agree, Chef Joyce Transue is a hidden gem in the culinary world,


Chef Joyce orchestrates her kitchen and surroundings like a well oiled machine. Every minute of her day is filled with the fine details of food preparation. If you could follow her, for just one day, she will leave you with your mouth watering. With seamless effort, she will whisk up the homemade cream to top off your Irish Coffee, roast the garlic for the Garlic-mayo on your sandwich, make a tray of fresh butter pats, all while controlling the flames that dance around your Chicken Marsala dish! Her day starts with at least two bubbling pots of soup and or chowder, a pot of marinara sauce (that will simmer all day long), food processor humming with perfect combinations of fresh herbs and spices for the dressings. Her mixer twirling away with the smell of chocolate frosting, cutting boards covered into the most beautiful array of colors, which come from the fresh fruits and vegetables, and through all of this, she is brainstorming her next dinner special. If something is worth doing, then it is worth doing well. When you sit down to eat, lunch or dinner, you will be delighted in knowing that every detail that comes across your table was approved by a fine chef. After admiring the fine presentation and garnish, you soon will realize that what you find underneath will make your taste buds dance. You will savor every bite and go home with a euphoric sense of culinary satisfaction.


The menu at The Courtyard Cafe is an endless bounty of enticing appetizers & entrees. Each dipping sauce, dressing, glaze, and toppings are made from scratch under the watchful eye of the chef. Crusty rolls, breads, desserts and pizza dough are all baked fresh, from time honored recipes. No corners are ever cut when a meal is prepared for you. From the freshest salad greens, to the highest quality meats and cheeses, each and every dish is prepared with regard to not only your palette, but also tastefully appealing to your eyes. The chef has included her unique flare and passion for cooking into every little thing you taste.